Cultural & Mythological Masks by Tiger Torre Art

Different cultures teach myths and wisdom;    
          ideas to make masks that truly engage...

This mask is named after Herne the Hunter, a horned god myth, sometimes also known as Cernunnos.
This mask comes in a bronze base with gold or green accents, and a black base with silver marble accents.
Or you can get one in custom colors;
please e-mail Tiger if you would like a custom Herne.

Herne Mask
Silver Herne Mask

Herne Mask

Green & Bronze Herne Mask ~ $85
Silver Herne Mask ~ $85
Gold & Bronze Herne Mask ~ $85

Greek and Roman mythology has always fascinated Tiger;
here are some masks based on some common myths, gods, and goddesses.
If you have a certain deity or myth you would like a mask of - please e-mail Tiger.

Hecate Mask
Bacchus Mask

Hecate/Trivia ~ $90 
Bacchus/Dionysus ~ $90

Demeter Mask
Artemis Mask

Demeter/Ceres ~ $90
Artemis/Diana ~ $90

African tribal art is so varied and beautiful, Tiger was inspired by some to make these three masks.
They are patterned, repeatable designs with Swahili names.

Motokuti Mask
Mungiza Mask
Pakakali Mask

Motokuti ~ Fire Thing ~ $90
Mungiza ~ Darkness God ~ $90
Pakakali ~ Fierce Cat ~ $90

After seeing some small Hindu balsa wood masks, Tiger decided to make a larger leather version.
Their names, Jnani & Prachika, are based on a Hindu folktale.
completely unique mask is part of a numbered series.
It is hard to capture all the detail in photographs.

Jnani Mask
Prachika Mask

Jnani Mask ~ $90
Prachika Mask ~ $90

Jnani Mask Detail
Prachika Mask Detail

Jnani Mask Detail
Prachika Mask Detail

The Celtic Triquetra is close to Tiger's heart, and tattooed on her three times !
This powerful knot has had many associations throughout the centuries.
This mask comes in these three color combinations standard,
or you can order it in your own favorite or family colors.

Celtic Mask
Celtic Mask
Celtic Mask

Celtic ~ Purple & Gold ~ $75
Celtic ~ Blue & Silver ~ $75
Celtic ~ Green & Copper ~ $75

Here are some Asian inspired masks, including a Kabuki mask, and three Kanji masks.
These masks are all sold, but new, similar ones can be made.
If you have a Kanji you want added onto a mask, just let Tiger know!

Kabuki Mask
Water Dragon Kanji Mask

Kabuki ~  $80 
Kanji ~ Water Dragon ~ $80

Tranquil Kanji Mask
Dangerous Swordsman Kanji Mask  

Kanji ~ Achieve Tranquility ~ $80
Kanji ~ Dangerous Swordsman ~ $80

Mask Hangers are available in silver and brass for $2 each.
To place an order, please e-mail Tiger with the name of the piece(s) you are interested in.
If the piece is in stock, it can ship quickly. If not, one can usually be made to order.

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